Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass
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Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass

Packing glass is one of the most delicate parts of making a move. If you have a lot of breakables in your house, you may be dreading your upcoming move. The good news is that you don't have to risk damage to your valuables due to poor packing. There are tips and tricks that are used by many professional movers. These techniques will help you to pack your glass and other fragile possessions with enough padding and support to keep them secure in transit. From how to use packing peanuts to the best ways to insulate and wrap delicate glass, this site has the information you need.


Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass

Need to Move but Only Have a Short Window of Time? Use These Tips and Tricks

Abigail Holland

If you have an upcoming move and you have to call around to moving companies to get prices and quotes, you want to know a few things. If you can't take a full day off work but you would like to be there when the movers are at your home, and you want the move to go as quickly as possible, take these things into consideration.

Ask to Be the Last of the Day

If you can't cut out of work and you are worried about missing out on things, then you want to ask if you can be the last stop of the day. This means the movers won't be at your house first thing in the morning, and they will call you when they are headed to your house. This way you don't have to miss an entire work day, or sit around all day waiting for them to arrive.

Be Prepared

The night before the movers come there are things that you can do to help speed up the move, such as the following:

  • Dissemble and take apart furniture
  • Have all boxes packed, labeled and stacked by the door
  • Remove valuables and have them in your car or another safe place
  • Unplug and remove wires from large electronics the movers are moving

This way, the movers can get into the property and get out quickly without a lot of hassles and without having to take their time to move everything. The less time they spend, the more you may be able to save.

Know Where You Want Things

Know where you want things on the other end. If you want to make packing faster and you don't want to try to move everything on your own once it's dropped off at the house, then you want to have signs or labels for where things go into the new living space. Get to the new property and have set orders and choices made.

Moving can be a quick and simple process if you hire the right type of professionals and if you make the right decisions while you are planning the move. If you want to be there but you don't have a large window of time that you can work through it, these are some of the tips that you want to follow, and ways that you can plan to make sure that everything is done efficiently throughout the process.