Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass
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Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass

Packing glass is one of the most delicate parts of making a move. If you have a lot of breakables in your house, you may be dreading your upcoming move. The good news is that you don't have to risk damage to your valuables due to poor packing. There are tips and tricks that are used by many professional movers. These techniques will help you to pack your glass and other fragile possessions with enough padding and support to keep them secure in transit. From how to use packing peanuts to the best ways to insulate and wrap delicate glass, this site has the information you need.


Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass

5 Moving Day Etiquette Tips Your Professional Movers Want You To Know About

Abigail Holland

Are you hiring a moving company for your upcoming local move? If so, then there are a few etiquette tips you'll want to keep in mind to ensure smooth sailing not just for you, but for your team of local movers as well.

Make Sure to Leave a Clear Path

Your movers probably charge by the hour, so the more quickly you allow them to do their jobs, the more money you'll save. Leaving a clear path so that movers can get items in and out of your place will help to expedite the process and will eliminate dangers such as potential tripping hazards.

Have Boxes Packed and Ready to Go

Your movers have a job to do, but if you're still busy packing away boxes while they're trying to move your belongings, you'll be getting in their way and potentially dragging out their number of paid hours as well. Do your best to have all your boxes packed and labeled before movers arrive; if you need extra help, contact them ahead of time. Many moving companies offer packing assistance for an additional fee.

Make Yourself Available for Questions

Your movers are going to have questions throughout the day, such as "where should we place this couch?" To help them do their jobs quickly and to ensure your maximum satisfaction, do your best to be available to answer questions throughout the day. If you need to step away for any reason, make sure a member of your moving team has your cell phone number so they can reach you if needed.

Be Conscious of Heavier Boxes

While your movers likely have the tools available to move heavy boxes, keep in mind that excessively heavy boxes (like those loaded to the brim with books) may be prone to breaking or busting open. If possible, pack heavier items like books into smaller and more manageable boxes to protect your belongings.

Tipping Isn't Required, But Is Appreciated

Last but not least, don't forget to run to the ATM before your moving day and take out some cash for tipping. Some moving companies will incorporate an automatic gratuity into your quoted price, but many will not. If yours hasn't, keep in mind that the industry standard is to tip around $10-$20 to a each member of a moving crew that has met or exceeded your expectations.

Keep these etiquette tips in mind as your moving day approaches, and be sure to contact your local movers with any questions!