Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass
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Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass

Packing glass is one of the most delicate parts of making a move. If you have a lot of breakables in your house, you may be dreading your upcoming move. The good news is that you don't have to risk damage to your valuables due to poor packing. There are tips and tricks that are used by many professional movers. These techniques will help you to pack your glass and other fragile possessions with enough padding and support to keep them secure in transit. From how to use packing peanuts to the best ways to insulate and wrap delicate glass, this site has the information you need.


Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass

Are You In An Organizing Mood?

Abigail Holland

Have you been thinking for a long time that it's time to organize your house? If so, and if the mood has hit you to do something about it, from buying storage bins to renting a storage unit, here are some ideas that might help you to organize every single drawer, closet, and room in your house. 

Make A Plan - If you're organizing your entire house, every single closet, and drawer, you more than likely have a big job ahead of you. Consider whether you want to do the entire job in a short period of time, say one or two days, or if you want to give yourself a longer period of time, maybe starting on a Monday and going through Friday to complete your organization project.

Either way, mark that time on your calendar so that you don't plan anything else on those days. Will you have help, say your spouse and children? If so, think of having a family meeting where you explain that you want to get the entire house in order. Enlist everybody's help. For example, designate a place where every person's belongings can go to a charity donation. In addition, give everybody a large plastic bag for things that are no longer wanted but that aren't good enough to pass on to somebody else. 

Plan For Storage - Think of ways that things can be stored in your own home. For example, buy transparent plastic storage boxes that can easily fit under beds. Those under-the-bed boxes will probably be a great way for your kids to store things like school memorabilia, puzzles, and board games. Think of buying several different sizes of plastic storage bins so that they can be used in drawers and in places like your kitchen pantry. Have you thought of renting a storage unit? Think of the different things that can be kept there.

For example, if you are a family that likes to go camping, you more than likely have a large collection of things like tents and other camping equipment. Do you have a large collection of decorations for different holidays? What about off-season clothes and off-season sports equipment? All of those items would still be at your disposal if you rented a storage unit. And, the items you store would be safe, too, as they would be under 24-hour surveillance.

You can rent storage units that are thermostatically controlled, too. If you do rent a storage unit, consider writing down everything that is there and keep the list in an easy-to-find location. For more information, contact a company like Penn  Plaza Self Storage.