Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass
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Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass

Packing glass is one of the most delicate parts of making a move. If you have a lot of breakables in your house, you may be dreading your upcoming move. The good news is that you don't have to risk damage to your valuables due to poor packing. There are tips and tricks that are used by many professional movers. These techniques will help you to pack your glass and other fragile possessions with enough padding and support to keep them secure in transit. From how to use packing peanuts to the best ways to insulate and wrap delicate glass, this site has the information you need.


Moving With Fragile Possessions: Tips For Packing Glass

How To Make Your Move As Hassle Free As Possible

Abigail Holland

Moving houses can be hectic. It will amaze you how much stuff you have when it's time to move. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed; not knowing where to start. Here are a few tips that can help to remove the hassle out of your move.

Start Early

Start planning as soon as you know you're moving. Make the necessary inquiries and phone calls. Notify relevant authorities such as the post office, the gas and electric company and the IRS of your change of address. Start shopping around for a moving truck or movers.

Also start going through your stuff to identify what you don't need to take with you. Find a way to get rid of it.

Get Supplies

These include boxes, labeling markers, heavy duty tapes and bubble wrap.

Begin Packing

To avoid getting overwhelmed, begin packing well in advance. Store away things you're not using. A little at a time is the way to go. Label your boxes to indicate the room where the items will go; for example, "kitchen", "living room", "bedroom 1" etc.

Add a brief description of what is inside each box: For example, "kitchen: Dinner plates".

Keep your Valuables Safe

The last thing you want is to lose your valuables as you move. Store away jewelry, credit cards, ATM cards and important documents in a carry-on bag. You should transport this bag with you in your car and not in the moving truck.

Pack Essential Items Separately

As soon as you arrive at your new home, you'll need basics to use as you wait to fully unpack your stuff. You need to pack such items in a suitcase.

You may want to include a few changes of clothes, underwear, toothbrush and toiletries. Also remember to pack a few foodstuffs such as pizza or sandwiches for the moving night.

Remember the Children and Pets

Make arrangements to have an adult take care of the children on the day of moving, to keep them out of the way.

Get Help

Moving is a labor intensive exercise. You cannot manage it on your own. Get some friends to help. Better still; hire movers to do the job for you. Choose an experienced and reputable moving company.

Hard as it is to imagine, long distance or local moving can actually be hassle-free. Early planning is essential to a successful move. Organize your items and label your boxes. Also keep your valuables safe.

Remember to keep essentials within reach. Finally, solicit the help of friends or better still, hire the services of a  moving company, like Colorado  Hi-Tec Moving & Storage.